The Strategic Maintenance Solutions' Splunk App for Infor EAM allows for bi-directional communications between Splunk and Infor EAM. Splunk can ingest and perform analytics on Infor EAM objects and grids and it can trigger the automatic creation of work orders in Infor EAM based on tags/sensor readings from industrial equipment. 

Ingest Data from EAM Infor to Splunk

  • Work Orders

  • Assets

  • Positions

  • Equipment Costs

  • Parts

  • Store Room

Post Data from Splunk to Infor EAM 

  • Notifications

  • Work Orders

Data Correlation

  • Associate Asset ID with Real-time sensor data

Out-of-the-Box Dashboards and KPIs

  • Work Orders

  • Financial

  • Productivity


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